TxDot Hosts Public Input Meeting over Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Over the next couple of days, TxDOT will be gathering public input from citizens of border cities in Texas.

This is just the early stages of the Border Transportation Master Plan that TxDOT is working on.

Raul Leal and a number of TxDOT officials met to speak with community members who use the border transportation aspect in some way.

Leal says, the purpose of the public forum was to find out what the needs are and how they can move forward.

Phase one of the four-phase plan included information boards and a system where immediate feedback can be presented.

Silvia Castaños, a student at TAMIU was just one of the people in attendance during the event.

These meetings help commuters like Castaños because she crosses the border from Mexico on a daily basis.

Some of the questions that were discussed during the meeting were how they cross and what some of the problems they have experienced.

TxDOT is partnering with officials in Mexico to understand transportation on the other side of the border as well.

There was rooted discussion that was extremely specific about certain roads for truckers in Eagle Pass including several people mentioning the challenge of aggressive CBP Officers.