Accessible Parking Volunteer Program Underway

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Within a few weeks, following training from LPD, volunteers who meet certain criteria will have a certificate allowing them to cite those who are illegally parked in a handicap zone.

"In any given moment, currently, we have 16,000 local residents with permits to park in those parking spaces," said Daniel Castillon, Chairman of People with Disabilities Blue Ribbon

This comes from the city's request to LPD.

Persons who are authorized to give citations must meet the criteria of being a U.S resident, 21 years of age or older and have a valid driver's license.

Volunteer enforcers must complete a background check, and then complete specialized training to be able to enforce statues related to disabled parking areas.

"They are told not to get into any physical confrontations with any people that may become belligerent when being confronted with a citation," said Emmanuel Diaz of Laredo PD.