Aerial fireworks banned in Webb County

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Certain types of fireworks will be noticeably missing from the upcoming Fourth of July celebration.

Webb County officials approved a ban on certain types of fireworks for the holiday.

The ban includes all type of aerial missile fireworks that shoot up into the air.

Fire officials say the main reason these types of fireworks are banned is because they cannot be controlled and could land on buildings or extremely dry brush which could lead to a major fire which is not uncommon.

Webb County Fire Chief Rick Rangel says in the past, they have responded to several fires in the colonias and luckily, they were able to preserve the property.

The ban does not apply to any other type of ground based firework.
Officials add that the recent extreme temperatures have not helped and have made for very dry conditions which could ignite with the slightest spark.