Affidavit provides more details on what led to Myriam Camarillo’s death

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The arrest affidavit for Joseph Steven Carrizales is providing more details on the events that took place before Myriam Camarillo’s death.

26-year-old Joseph Steven Carrizales and 27-year-old Myriam Camarillo

The tragic death of the 27-year-old woman had led to many questions as to what happened and why.

Investigators are still piecing together the full picture, but the testimony of suspect Joseph Steven Carrizales, 26, is providing a little more insight.

According to the affidavit for Carrizales, he told detectives the moments leading up to Myriam Camarillo’s death at his home the 100 block of Saint Pierre.

Carrizales says during the early morning hours of Sunday, July 7th he went to a downtown bar with a coworker.

Soon after, he started walking around downtown and saw Myriam crying on a bench.

Carrizales says he allegedly started doing drugs with Myriam on the bench and then waited for a rideshare driver to pick them up.

When they got back to his house on Saint Pierre, he says they continued to do drugs, had sexual relations and then fell asleep.

When Carrizales woke up at around 2 p.m. he found Myriam’s deceased body right next to him. Carrizales panicked and was afraid to call the authorities out of fear that they would think that he killed her.

The very next day, Carrizales put her body in a tote bucket and moved it upstairs to a bedroom closet.

According to Carrizales, her body was in the early stages of decomposition causing a foul odor which he tried to mask with bleach.
He says he allegedly made a small cut on her arm to reduce the swelling of her body.

On Monday, July 8th Myriam was reported missing by her mother.
By Friday, police were able to obtain her phone records which led them to Carrizales’ home.

According to the affidavit, investigators came in contact with a woman who said she was renting the downstairs space with her son who was at work.
Investigators stopped by Carrizales work and he agreed to be interviewed at the police headquarters. Before the encounter took place, he denied knowing what happened and was inconsistent with the details on that weekend.

Once the department got consent from Carrizales’ mother and the owner of the home to search the premises, that’s when they noticed a foul odor inside.
When authorities searched the upstairs bedroom, they found the bucket containing a human corpse later identified as Myriam.
It is at that time, Carrizales fled toward the Rio Grande and swam into Mexico.

With the help of FBI and U.S. Marshals, Border Patrol, and Mexican authorities, Laredo Police were able to take Carrizales into custody.

Carrizales was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence.

Authorities are still waiting on the final results of the autopsy as more charges could be applied.

No bond has been set for Carrizales at this time.