Man shot and killed by Fort Worth Police

FORT WORTH, TX (CNN) - Three police officers in Fort Worth, Texas are on administrative leave after a fatal officer-involved shooting that happened on Sunday.

A witness captured video of the gunshots that rang out on Sunday afternoon in a neighborhood off east Berry Street.

Police say they were pursuing an aggravated assault suspect who was seen getting into a truck when officers approached.

Authorities say when officers attempted to make an arrest, shots were fired and officers were able to recover a handgun inside the truck.

Whether the suspect ever fired a gun is a question Fort Worth Police could not answer but the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Within minutes, residents in the predominantly black community were demanding an answer to that question and others.

By nightfall, the crowd grew larger and moved closer to the shooting scene where officers continued their investigation.

There were chants demanding justice during a peaceful demonstration.
The shooting was the third by Fort Worth police this month, the second of which was fatal.