Air traffic control tower to receive major renovations

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS )- The men and women who make sure our flights take off and land safely are getting some help.

Air travel continues to grow in the City of Laredo; as a result, air traffic control needs to keep up with the high demands, especially in its control tower.

The airport tower has been around since the 1960’s when the airport was originally the Airforce Base.

The city along with Congressman Henry Cuellar announced the recent changes that were made to our airport.

Although the airport has undergone several renovations, more is being done to keep it up to date.

Officials are currently in the designing phases of replacing the heat, ventilation and AC system’ however, just last month they replaced the roof of the tower.

Acting director of the airport Elsy Borgstedte says the change is greatly needed.

Through the Federal Aviation Administration, a grant was given to the airport for two million dollars to make the necessary improvements.

About 135 million dollars in federal funds have gone to the Laredo Airport over the last 10 years.