Airport exercises safety measures against coronavirus

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The Laredo International Airport is preparing for what the Center for Control Disease are saying is the inevitable pandemic of the coronavirus.

Thursday the airport says they are keeping up a higher standard of hygiene to try and combat the coronavirus spread.

So far there are no reported cases of the virus in Laredo, and to keep it that way airport assistant director Elsie Borgstedte says they are working with the CDC.

"Well we continue to work very closely and monitor the situation with CDC, at this moment we don't have any reported cases here locally through our airport. But we do monitor all the announcements and the communication that we have with CDC and our Health Department with Dr. Gonzalez."

They are placing signs all over the airport in Chinese, Spanish, and English reminding travelers what the symptoms of the virus are.

The signs also advise everyone to keep washing their hands.