Animal experts nurse penguin back to health

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA An adventurous penguin was rescued after an impressive journey from New Zealand, across the Tasman Sea and all the way to Australia.

The Fiordland penguin was discovered on Australia’s southeast coast after traveling more than 15-hundred miles.

The penguin was struggling and underweight, but fortunately was rescued by the Melbourne Zoo's Marine Response Unit.

Video and photos taken by 'Zoos Victoria' and Phillip Island Nature Parks' show the penguin being nursed back to health.

Rehabilitation lasted from July tenth until August second at Melbourne Zoo.

After a full recovery, the brave bird was released back into the wild.
Melbourne Zoo officials said life in the ocean is quite tough, but they are hopeful this penguin will find its way back to New Zealand and eventually breed.

The reason for the penguin's journey is unknown, but experts say Fiordland's natural behavior is to forage for food for long distances.