Assaults on BP agents increasing at alarming rate

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The Laredo Border Patrol sector says they have seen a 240% increase in assaults to Border Patrol agents compared to last year.

Deputy Chief of the Laredo BP agents, Joel Martinez, says the numbers for assaults on BP agents are increasing at an alarming rate. Last year there were only 5 compared to this year's 12.

This year alone BP agents have found 21 stash houses that had 207 immigrants in them, which is a 75% increase compared to last year.

"Unfortunately Laredo leads the nation in alien deaths, last year and we're up again this year too. So far 11 deaths so far this year, and 593 rescues. That coincides with what I am just telling you. So, because they are trying to avoid us, they get in these predicaments where their life is at risk or they lose their lives all together, that's one thing that really concerns us."

Deputy Chief Martinez says he supports a full border wall which would include not just a physical barrier but cameras and additional technology.