At least eight people killed in weekend storms

(NBC) - Powerful storms struck parts of the south over the weekend.

The weather has claimed at least eight lives, destroyed businesses and flattened homes.

An apparent tornado touched down near Troy, Alabama, the town sprinkled with wreckage.

Video shot by a drone shows the debris and the extent of the damage.

Further west, severe weather moved through Mississippi. Debris littered the town of Vicksburg where part of the roof of a gas station collapsed. In all, 17 counties were affected by the weather.

Other parts of the country still recovering from severe weather that struck Saturday.

In Texas, 140 miles per hour winds swirled through the town of Franklin where cars were scattered everywhere and several homes were completely destroyed.

In Alto, just 30 miles away, at least two tornadoes swept through town.
During the storm, a local church offered refuge for those seeking shelter from the severe weather.

In Louisiana, a path of destruction through in Blanchard where a thunderstorm brought down trees that engulfed a home.

A spring of violent weather and forecasters warn it may not be over just yet.