Judge denies motion to suppress evidence in child pornography case

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- A judge has denied a motion to suppress evidence in the case of a local doctor accused of child pornography charges.

Lawyers for Dr. Antonio Salinas were in court, claiming that a USB device found in his truck while it was being serviced at an area car dealership was improperly searched.

That USB device contained 7 sexually explicit photos of underage girls.

The court ruled that because the images are considered contraband and contain child pornography officers had a right to seize the device without a warrant.
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An attorney representing Dr. Antonio Salinas a local OB-GYN arrested for the possession of child pornography is asking the court to suppress evidence in the case.

Dr. Salinas' attorney and the District Attorney's office held a hearing to discuss why this evidence should be dismissed.

According to the motion to suppress, the USB that contained the illicit photos was illegally obtained.

Search warrant documents state that in June, Salinas took his truck to get serviced at a dealership. When employees were working on the truck noticed his USB port wasn't working. Employees then used Dr. Salinas' USB to test out the port, and that's when they came across the alleged child pornography.

The motion states that the information in the arrest affidavit was false and the employee's explanation of why they looked into Salinas' USB was a lie to cover up the illegal search.

The motion also says law enforcement conducted a warrantless search of Dr. Salinas' USB without consent.

Several witnesses took the stand today including the employees, a police officer, and an HSI special agent.

One employee even told the court the images on the USB were of girls younger than 17.

The special agent investigated the computer and cell phone and found what appeared to be emails and word documents title links. Those links were believed to be websites using a private browser.

The hearing took place in the 406th District Court under Judge OJ Hale.

Judge Hale asked the state to submit a brief by Friday, October 12th and the defense to reply with their brief by Tuesday, October 16th.

After reviewing both briefs, the judge will make a ruling on the motion to suppress.