South Texas Authorities investigating fatal custody dispute

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Police in Mission, Texas are investigating a bizarre murder case involving a missing girl and a victim who appears to be her father.

68-year-old Elizabeth Guerrero

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputies say the body of 20-year-old Gilberto Gaytan was found on the street.

Authorities arrived to the scene late Thursday morning at Pradera Street north of La Homa Road in Mission.

Sheriff Eddie Guerra says Gaytan was run over, by who he believes was his daughter’s grandmother.

Sheriff Guerra says it followed a custody dispute surrounding the toddler and her mother.

Following the discovery of the body, an alert was sent out to help locate the child Lizsandra Jennica Gaytan who was previously with her father.

Investigators say they believe the child is with 68-year-old Elizabeth Guerrero and 22-year-old Elizabeth K. Morales who was last seen in a 2002 silver Acura.

Mission Police are still looking for the alleged suspect.