Alleged beer bandit accused of stealing four 18 packs of beer

24-year-old Alfredo Menchaca

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A man’s thirst for alcohol sends him to jail after allegedly attempting to steal several cases of beer from a convenience store over the weekend.

Laredo Police arrested 24-year-old Alfredo Menchaca in the case.

The incident happened on Saturday at around 3 a.m. when officers noticed a man running out of a store located at the 9300 block of Mines Road with packs of what appeared to be beer.

When officers approached the area, Menchaca dropped the cases of beer next to a vehicle and fled towards Lowry Road.

Officers were able to canvass the area locate Menchaca at some nearby apartments.

Authorities spoke to the clerk who stated that a man entered the store, took four 18 packs of Budlight without paying and attempted to load them in his Ford F-150.

Police officers searched the vehicle and were able to recover the packs of beer.

Menchaca was arrested and charged with theft and evading arrest.