Better Business Bureau sees an increase in price gouging

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - With essential items flying off the shelves, the instances of people trying to make a huge profit have increased.

The regional director of the BBB says in this last week, at least 600 complaints have been filed across the State of Texas.

That number is most likely under-stating the real picture because not every single instance gets reported.

Officials say it is unlawful to jack up the prices to an unreasonable extent beyond a business’s own increased cost.

Even though most complaints on the record are coming from the bigger cities, Laredo is no exception.

Jason Meza with the bureau says Laredo is no different than San Antonio so folks need to realize that anything from facemasks to hand sanitizers and other essentials could be sold for more than what they are worth.

If you would like to report any price gouging or believe you have been a victim of price gouging; please call the Laredo Police Department to file an incident report at the following numbers Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5PM:
-(956) 795-2828
- (956) 795-2829
- (956) 724-2961
- (956) 625-6820

For any after hours reporting, please call (956) 795-2800.