Alleged murder suspects granted bond reduction

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Two murder suspects are out on bond after prosecutors failed to indict them before the 90th day deadline.

A judge granted a bond request for Pedro Vasquez and Esteban Yruegas; two murder suspects who are allegedly responsible for a 2016 homicide.

When Vasquez and Yruegas were arrested, they had a one million dollar bond, but since the prosecutors were late filing, the judge had to request a bond reduction from their attorney’s which turned out to be $20,000.

With the bond came several conditions which included, wearing an ankle monitor, following a curfew, and not being able to travel out of state, as well as other conditions.

The Webb County District Attorney’s Office released a statement on the matter saying, “The District Attorney’s Office presented the case to the grand jury within days of receiving the investigatory report from the Laredo Police Department. Unfortunately it was not submitted timely pursuant to the Texas code of criminal procedure, which allows defendants to be released if not indicted within 90 days from the commencement of their detention.”

Vasquez and Yruegas were allegedly involved in the murder of Cesar Javier Sarmiento back in July of 2016.