Border Patrol finds illegal immigrants inside tiny home

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 11:19 AM CDT
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A man who reportedly has COVID-19 had several alleged undocumented people inside a home in central Laredo.

According to a source, the man was placed in quarantine in the "First tiny home development housing project" on Price Street.

Because the man was reported as homeless, he was placed inside one of the homes to wait out the recommended isolation period.

However, no other families live in that development area at this time.

After living in the home for some time, the man allegedly brought in undocumented people inside.

A neighbor who lives by the development reported this matter. Border Patrol agents showed up on Wednesday morning to investigate the scene.

The Laredo Housing Authority released a statement on the incident saying, "Given the COVID-19 pandemic, this housing development was assisting with needed local isolation efforts for community members that could not quarantine elsewhere.

The resident, a former homeless person, had completed a 30-day quarantine period and was receiving various treatment services from local agencies.

Although the authorities are still investigating, it appears that this temporary tenant introduced unauthorized persons, likely undocumented, into the residence.

Thanks to the watchful eye of a community member, who reported the suspicious activity to Laredo Housing Authority this morning, an immediate inspection took place and the Laredo Police Department and the U.S. Border Patrol were called to the address.

The resident, who left the scene, has been evicted and will no longer be served by the Laredo Housing Authority programs."