Boy with Rare Disorder Has Very Happy Birthday

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KSDK) - A Missouri boy is swarmed with cards after no one showed up to his birthday party.

More than 60 cards have come from all over the U.S. (Photo Courtesy: NBC)

In this family of six, three were born in April. One of them is Cole.

"I'm five, six, seven," Cole said.

Cole has dealt with major challenges in his young life. He had skull surgery as an infant.

When he was four, he was diagnosed with apraxia - a rare disorder affecting his speech.

"When he entered kindergarten, he could only say five words," says mother Tracey Hittler.

Now a first grader, Cole has come a long way.

"Today, 90 percent intelligibility," Tracey said.

But life is full of ups and downs.

This year's birthday party wasn't so great.

"The kids all get to invite their whole entire classroom," Tracey said.

No one from Cole's class came.

"It was hard for him, and he was really sad," Tracey said.

Cole's mom, Tracey, took to Facebook. She explained what happened to members of a parent support group.

"Then I just posted a cute little Snapchat picture of us," Tracey said.

That's all it took.

Messages from strangers flooded Tracey's inbox, asking for her address.

"Next thing you know, the mailman is at the door with boxes, and the mailbox is exploding with cards," Tracey said.

More than 60 cards have come.

"It says happy birthday from New York City!," Tracey read.

From all over the country.

This was the moment Cole opened cards from an entire fifth grade class.

"We hope you enjoy this card I made for you," Tracey reads.

Some people even sent him toys.

"They just keep coming!," Tracey said.

"Keep, keep, keep coming!," Cole said.

And they say it turned out not to be such a bad birthday after all.

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