Bus driver quits after video shows her shutting door in student’s face and leaving her at the stop

A bus driver quits after a mother shares video of her shutting the bus door in her 11-year-old...
A bus driver quits after a mother shares video of her shutting the bus door in her 11-year-old daughter's face and driving away. (Source: Kelley Guitard/WMUR/CNN)(GIM)
Published: Sep. 12, 2019 at 1:21 PM CDT
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A school bus driver resigned hours after a mom posted a home surveillance video showing the driver shutting the door in her daughter’s face and driving away.

Bryanna Guitard doesn’t normally ride the school bus, but Monday was different. Her mother was on bed rest.

The video shows the 11-year-old approaching the bus from her driveway, right behind another student. As soon as he goes up the stairs, the doors close and the driver takes off.

The seventh grader throws her hands up in the air.

“I was kind of confused and kind of shocked that it happened,” Bryanna said. “So, then I ... knocked on the door to see if she would realize I was there, and she didn’t, and she just drove off.”

Bryanna’s mom Kelley Guitard contacted the superintendent for the Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School District and the owner of the bus company immediately.

Guitard said she was told the driver didn't see Bryanna and wanted to apologize in person.

"Which, that's great, but that's not going to help the other kids on the bus and their safety," she said.

But before that apology could happen, Guitard said she posted the video on social media to get advice from other parents.

Hours later, the driver resigned.

“Good, I guess. Like I said, my main concern is the kids,” Guitard said.

Bus company owner Steve Brown said he had never received a complaint about this driver in the past and was disappointed the driver felt like she needed to resign before the incident could be reviewed.

Superintendent Bryan Lane said the district wants to hear about any safety concerns.

“Looking at the video, it appeared to me that the student was visibly present, and the bus left without them,” he said. “It’s not the norm and not acceptable.”

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