City looks for new way to revitalize downtown Laredo

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- The City of Laredo is looking for the next steps to take after the proposed Convention Center project was shot down by voters in November.

Proposition B was a no go for 57 percent of voters in the general election.

Prop B would have allowed the City of Laredo to provide a portion of financing for the proposed Convention Center by raising the hotel-motel occupancy tax and car rental tax.

Now that voters have spoken, city officials close to the project say they need to revisit this topic with the city council.

Since, the city has a memorandum of understanding with Palafox Hospitality, the organization spearheading the project, they need to have some discussion about the next step.

City of Laredo Tourism, Marketing, and Communications Executive Director Blasita Lopez says they still continue their efforts to revitalize downtown.

Lopez says they will place an item on the upcoming city council meeting agenda so that current and new members can discuss how to move forward.