COVID-19 test results from National Guard still pending

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Results of testing conducted by the National Guard at the beginning of the month are still pending.

During the city briefing, it was mentioned that test results continue to trickle in from the National Guard.

According to city officials, it's likely because they have been testing a lot of communities.

Between May 5th and 7th, a mobile site was set up at the City of Laredo Health Department, Las Penitas, and Rio Bravo to provide symptomatic and asymptomatic residents free testing.

According to the health department at total of 388 test were done.

On May 5th, 112 total tests were conducted, one result is still pending.

On May 6th, 139 total tests but 137 of those results are still pending and on May 7th 137 tests were conducted, 135 of which are still pending.
The total pending number of cases is 273.