Carlos Correa surprises young super fan

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(KPRC) - A young Carlos Correa super fan was heartbroken after she found out about his engagement.

To turn her frown upside down, a Houston news affiliate invited Scarlet Sanchez to their studios for a tour and something extra.

Houston Astro Carlos Correa surprised the young baseball fan at the studios where she got to have a one on one with the World Series champ.

The young fan even got to meet the woman who started it all, Correa’s fiancée, Daniella.

Correa says he had to take time to cheer one of his biggest fans up.

Scarlet had kind words for the soon to be Mrs. Correa and she even got to try on her ring.

After the meet and greet Correa took the time to meet every single member of Scarlet’s family.

The Astro signed autographs for them and took photos.