Casa Blanca Golf Course sees several improvements

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - It's been close to six months since Webb County made a decision to change management over at the Casa Blanca Golf Course.

Since then, Touchstone Golf Management has been making various changes local golfers can enjoy whenever they tee-off.

Arturo Cantu III visits the golf course about two to three times a week.
He says, there’s nothing more exhilarating than getting away from work and hitting some balls.

Cantu says he has seen several improvements since the new management company took over.

Oscar Urdiales, general manager of the golf course says that was one of the top priorities when the management took over back in January.

Urdiales says one true thing that the golf course needs is irrigation.

On Monday, Webb County Commissioners discussed giving management close to $47,000 to help with irrigation.

Changes were made to the outside of the course, the clubhouse has also received a makeover.

The lounge area has been painted and fixtures have been added throughout the walls of the clubhouse.

Urdiales says their hard work has already produced good results.

According to Touchstone Management, when they first took over the course, they only had 13 holes available for Golfers, but now they have 17 holes and are ready to use with an additional 18 still being worked out.

They have already started booking more tournaments in the first six months than what they had booked last year, which is a huge improvement.

Touchstone Golf Management is working on a grand re-opening of the golf course which will take place around mid-July.