Casa De Misericordia hosts open house event

LAREDO A local shelter that helps women and families cope with domestic abuse is celebrating a milestone.

Casa De Misericordia has been celebrating its 20th anniversary with various events around town.

The shelter offers women the chance to reclaim their lives by offering a secure, temporary residential services to victims of domestic abuse.

Casa De Misericordia also links victims to appropriate agencies based on their needs and goals.

While they are grateful for the years they have been open, they say the anniversary is a bittersweet moment.

Sister Rosemary Welsh says, “We like to commemorate not celebrate because you don't want to have to celebrate a shelter but Sister Maria Luisa was reminding me we should celebrate all the people that have helped us, the people that have given us their support, their money, their donations, their clothes, dishes, you name it.”

Sister Rosemary reminds people that they are always in need of volunteers and donations.

If you would like to help the shelter, they are asking for new or gently used clothes, towels, sheets and dishes.

For more information you can call Casa De Misericordia at 726-0151.