Jury room dedicated to Mexican-American civil rights attorney

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Webb County is dedicating their central jury room to a man who gave Mexican-Americans the chance to serve as a juror.

On Tuesday morning, county commissioners agreed to name the room after Gus Garcia, a Mexican-American civil rights attorney who ended the exclusion of Hispanics from jury duty.

Garcia was born in Laredo back in 1915.

Due to his efforts, and long seeded roots in the community, the Webb County Bar Association thought I'd be fitting to rename the jury room in his honor.

"We thought it would be a fitting tribute to him and his family members here, the Arguindigui family, to name the central jury room,” said attorney Baldemar Garcia Jr. “He's really, in essence, the Thurgood Marshall of Mexican-Americans."

Garcia's landmark case Hernandez vs Texas made it all the way to the Supreme Court back in 1954.

The central jury room is located at the Webb County Justice Center.