City Council looking to make some changes to the charter

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - There are 30 amendments that council has asked their newly appointed commission to review in order to place them on the upcoming November ballot.

Several amendments have been the topic of conversation at past meetings.

One of the amendments is to give City Council the authority to give directive to administrative department heads, and essentially designate them as management.

This was recently brought up during a dispute between Councilman Alex Perez and a business owner.

Councilman Perez asked the director of public services to look into a business, without the city manager having any knowledge of it.

Another amendment up for review is defining moral turpitude.

This comes in light of council's decision to keep Councilman Vidal Rodriguez on council after he was convicted on misdemeanor charges related to documents released by him about his former opponent during the election.

The city charter says that a member can be removed from office if they are convicted of a crime of moral turpitude.

Valdez does agree that these are a lot of amendments for the voters but believes recommendations from the commission will help City Council decided which ones are important.

Other amendments include looking into the powers and duties of the mayor, recalling provisions, and granting the mayor “veto power”.
Below is the original text from this story:

During a recent city charter review meeting, the council decided to create a commission to make recommendations on the charter.

During the meeting, Councilman George Altgelt asked the council to consider the appointment of a commission to get another opinion on the changes wanting to be made.

City secretary Jose Valdez says the City Charter Revision Commission is meeting on Tuesday and will continue the charter review for the next two days.

Jose Valdez says, "There's about 30 items that the whole council as a whole have asked to look at and so then once the charter commission gets an opportunity to look at it within the next three days they'll give them their feedback and then hopefully at the Monday meeting have the final approval by council on which items will get selected to be presented to the voters."