Children's home potential site for border wall

Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 9:57 PM CDT
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Sacred Heart Children’s Home and the nature surrounding it is a piece of land that signifies peace to the people living there.

However, after so many years of tranquility, this children’s home could be a potential site for President Donald Trump's border wall.

"Everybody that comes to visit always says they feel peace," said Sister Isidra Valdez, administration of Sacred Heart Children’s Home.

The children's home has held onto this south Laredo property for over 50 years.

"We've been helping children from Laredo."

This piece of land rich in history has turned into a potential site for President Donald Trump's border wall.

"We're concerned. We have concerns," said Sister Valdez.

The riverfront property may not look like much from the front, but when you venture to the back, you're surrounded by Mother Nature. However, this beauty could soon be replaced with concrete.

"To them the wall is a major concern and they don't know what impact it will have on their property," said Judge Mercurio Martinez Jr., chairman of the advisory board for Sacred Heart Children’s Home.

Judge Martinez says the sisters were informed last week that their land could be included for additional border wall.

"Border Patrol at that meeting actually asked and requested to allow them permission for them to come and do survey work. To prepare themselves for the eventual construction of the border wall."

Another major concern is that the border wall would cut off their supply to water.

"They're concerned about their access to water and water rights," said Martinez.

Sacred Heart has water rights from the Rio Grande and they use this precious resource every day to water their front yard.

However, aside from caring for dozens of children, Sister Isidra and the other nuns at the home are now having to wait with the uncertainty from federal officials on their next move.

The Sacred Heart Children's Home property isn't part of the 52 miles already planned for the wall, but additional wall that President Trump can add once they get funding.