Child's sexual assault shared on social media

Published: Jul. 24, 2017 at 3:21 PM CDT
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Two Colorado teens have been arrested after video showing them sexually assault a 13-year-old girl was posted on Facebook and shared dozens of times.

On Thursday night, the victim's cousin discovered a video on Facebook of his 13-year-old relative being raped by two self-proclaimed gang members. He immediately posted in a Pueblo Facebook group asking for help.

"I asked if anybody who has seen the video would report it so it would be removed and a bunch of people came together and thank god they got it removed," he said.

The video stayed up for several hours.

"I think that they were trying to promote their gang in a way that shouldn't have been," he said.

The video has since been removed, but for the victim's family, one of the more difficult parts of this has been reading the comments online, shaming this 13-year-old victim.

"There's been people saying, 'Where were the parents at?' And, 'She shouldn't have been intoxicated,' and I don't know how other people feel, but I believe even if someone is intoxicated or not, they still shouldn't be raped," he said.

Many have wondered how a video this explicit could have slipped through the cracks on Facebook.

"Facebook, others, have taken action to try to address the way that content comes on and content itself, but it's not simple," Doug DePeppe, a cyber law attorney said.

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