Father Jose Luis Balderas speaks on his retirement

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- The priest who was the subject of several protests by local church parishioners from Christ the King Church shares his feelings over how his departure was handled.

The diocese had addressed those concerns, in a previous statement, pointing out there are several housing options for priests like father Balderas after retirement.

Options like finding a place to live by means of friends and even church rectories. Basically saying he would not be left without a place to live.
Although he is past the retirement age of 75, some of the members of his church stated it was an unfair removal.

Balderas mentions he only wished he would have been told in advance.
He tells us, his more than fifty years of service to his faith and flock were not considered when he was removed from the church.
Below is the original text from this story:

A group of parishioners is making their voices heard after news of their church pastor's retirement.

A protest was conducted Monday night, and another one on Tuesday. The reason behind them is the uncertainty of their priests future.

Dozens of parishioners who attend Christ the King Church gathered at the corner of Tilden and Guadalupe on Monday night.

Many believe Father Jose Luis Balderas will be left without a place to stay and a form of income after retirement.

Magdalena Flores, who attends the church, says Father Balderas deserves to be taken care of after his dedication to his church.

The Vicar General of the Diocese of Laredo Father Anthony Mendoza released a statement saying there is some misinformation that needs correction. Saying the Priest's Parishes have been paying an allowance for his Social Security account and to his diocesan priest pension fund from San antonio, and Laredo.

He adds that the priest pension fund of the Diocese of Laredo has been issuing checks to Father Balderas since he turned 70 years old, and will continue to receive those checks for the remainder of his life.