Citizen who sparked water quality complaint speaks out

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - KGNS had the chance to speak with the man who is at the center of the city's boil water alert.

Federico Reyes says he contacted the city numerous times after he began to notice something wasn't quite right with his water. When he wasn't getting anywhere, he decided to take his complaint to the state.

According to Reyes, he installed filters in his home’s water system. He says that within two weeks, he noticed the filters turned green. That's when he decided to call the city and asked for his water to be checked.

After about two months of back and forth and several lab results, he says the City told him the water was fine.

Reyes didn’t believe these results, so in an attempt to get a second opinion, he called TCEQ who he says told him otherwise.

Reyes says he was left with no choice but to escalate his problem because he felt the city was minimizing and ignoring his complaint.