City provides update on COVID-19 cases

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - There are 34 pending COVID-19 test results so far, four have come back positive and 22 are negative.

File photo: Laredo Health Department

During Sunday’s briefing, the City of Laredo Health Department Director Doctor Hector Gonzalez says the patients are doing well.

However, on Saturday, one of the patients had respiratory complications and was rushed to the hospital but was later released.

The four remain under quarantine.

Doctor Gonzalez says once they reach the end, they will need to take two more tests.

If both come out negative, then they will be released.

The good news comes from the age ranges of the negative cases.

Four are between the ages of 64 and 72 and there were a two- and six-year-old tests that came back negative.

The city is currently searching through a private laboratory to buy around 1,000 test kits.

They are also looking at designating a local hospital for potential COVID patients.

There are 500 hospital beds available and more than 200 are free.
Doctor Gonzalez did mention that there is a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment.

He says they are working with the medical community to address it and have made sure they have alternative measures to ensure we continue having protective equipment locally.