City Council looking to add more security at eight-liner businesses

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - In light of recent armed robberies that have taken place at multiple eight-liner businesses around town, City Council has decided to take action.

City Council is looking into an item that will require all eight-liner businesses to have security options in place to protect the public from violent crimes.

If the ordinance is passed, businesses who carry gambling devices will now have to remove tinted windows from doors, set up video surveillance systems and require controlled entry devices to prevent other types of crimes.

Councilman George Altgelt says, “I think we have a moral obligation to make sure that our citizens are safe wherever they end up going. If they're going to go to a place that is full of cash, that's paying cash, we know that there's already a history of people going to rob these places at gun point. We have an obligation to make sure they're safe.”

The council recently ended a moratorium that was in place to limit the issuing of eight-liner permits.

Altgelt says if this new ordinance is passed, they would go business by business to make sure the new security measures are implemented.
The council will not start the process until the ordinance is passed, which requires a majority of councilmembers on board.