City Manager speaks on Dr. Gonzalez's retirement

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Laredo's City Manager says the city is moving forward despite the Health Department director announcing his retirement.

It was confirmed on Wednesday that Doctor Hector Gonzalez, who has led the city to fight the virus, will be retiring.

Robert Eads says he is grateful for Doctor Gonzalez's 19 years of service.

Eads acknowledges it is a difficult time, but retiring was Gonzalez's personal decision.

He adds the city will soon be looking to fill the Health Department director position permanently.

"The Health Department director is a person who is an expert of public health, and administrators. We are looking for someone who can administrate a lot of different departments, a lot of different grants, programs. The doctor is who you have on contract and is the medical health authority."

In the meantime, Richard Chamberlain will take over as acting director of the City's Health Department come Monday.