City celebrates MLK during "I have a Dream No Border Wall" rally

LAREDO, TX (KGNS)- Hundreds of protestors gathered at the St. Peter's Plaza to peacefully march in opposition of the future border wall while channeling the great Martin Luther King Jr.

Organizers were pleased to see dozens of people in attendance with many of the demonstrators arriving from out of town.

Members of the City of Laredo, the Rio Grande International Study Center, and the No Border Wall Coalition held the “I have a Dream: No border wall” event.

Many in attendance feel the border wall is an injustice.

Others in attendance say the wall is needed to protect our borders.

However, some parents are also expressing their disapproval of the gathering itself.

UISD students, who are not in class because of Martin Luther King Day have been offered community service hours for participating in the rally.
Opponents argue it endorses a specific political agenda.

KGNS News is reaching out to UISD to find out who sent out the flyer and if it was authorized by the district.