City discusses possible purchase of Hal's Landing

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A former hangout spot for Laredo’s nightlife is in the spotlight again, after so much time in the dark.

Hal's Landing was the topic of discussion at Monday night's City Council meeting.

The bar and restaurant closed its doors back in 2018 due to a lawsuit that the owner lost, which resulted in the loss of the property.

After more than a year of questions about what the building would be used for, the possibility of purchasing the property was brought up during the meeting.

The topic was set to be discussed behind closed doors, however, District Four Councilman Alberto Torres Jr. asked that it be tabled since it raised red flags.

He says prior to the meeting, the reasoning behind the proposal was never disclosed, which is something Torres says is a requirement.

During the meeting they probed on what the purpose of the building could be, and finally came to a mutual decision.

"We were back and forth trying to get what that purpose was on record,” said Torres. “It ended up being some sort of conference center which is in violation of an agreement that they currently have with Palafox Hospitality. An agreement that talks about concentrating and putting a conference/convention center in downtown Laredo."

Torres says it'll be a violation of their agreement with Palafox to even talk about a convention center anywhere other than downtown.

Palafox is the company that currently owns La Posada Hotel.

That agreement will expire in December, and from there the City will see whether or not they'll continue with this idea.