Laredo City Manager has a salary of $270,000

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The contract for the new city manager Horacio de Leon is the trending topic, mainly because of the salary increase over the previous city manager.

Horacio de leon

The increase between former city manager, Jesus Olivares and current city manager Horacio de Leon is over $9,000.

Mr. De Leon has a base salary of $260,000 with incentives such as car and phone allowances that adds up to over $270,000.

When Mr. Olivares left the position, he made a little overo $259,000.
Mayor Pete Saenz says the difference in salaries is a result of the cost of living adjustment.

Saenz believes increases on high paid employees should be earned and evaluated properly.

Saenz says he and the council discussed many factors when it came to De Leon’s contract including gradually reaching that amount.

Mayor Saenz says the city along with human resources did review the contracts of other city manager’s in the state.

In McAllen, the city manager gets paid $252,000, in Garland their city manager gets paid over $236,000 and in Brownsville and Corpus Christi they get paid $220,000.

These statistics did play a factor in the final decision of Mr. De Leon’s contract.

To see a copy of the city manager’s contract click the link below.