City of Laredo lifts water boil alert

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - After over a week of boiling tap water, the City of Laredo and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has announced that the water boil alert has been lifted for all areas of Laredo.

This means residents no longer need to boil their water before consumption.

The city would like to remind the public that the utilities department is conducting its annual maintenance on the water system converting from chloramines disinfection to free chlorine disinfection for a period of 30 days.

During this time, the public can expect a chlorine odor coming from the water as well as a cloudiness.

Despite the extra chlorine your water is safe to drink; however, individuals with pre-existing chlorine sensitivity may want to contact the health department or doctor if they experience any issues.

According to a statement sent by the City of Laredo customers who were affected by the advisory will receive a credit on their utilities bill. On Monday City Council voted to have the minimum service fee waived for all customer’s October bill.

The minimum service fee for residential customers is $10.52 and $39.61 for commercial customers.

Residents will receive their October statement, and the credit, in November, after the billing cycle.

The city would like to remind residents that the utilities bill also includes garbage, recycling, sewer, and stormwater drainage.

Your actual water usage fee is a percentage of that bill.