Daily City Briefing: City and county issue Shelter in Place order

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The City of Laredo and Webb County are now looking to join what many other communities across the state are doing by possibly setting a Shelter in Place mandate.

Officials stress that this is not a lockdown or Martial Law.

After a recommendation from the local medical community, and seeing that some people are still not listening the mandatory restrictions, the City of Laredo and Webb County are looking to issue a Shelter in Place mandate.

"This is not a lockdown," said City Manager Robert Eads. "This is not Martial Law. We are not doing that. All we are doing is where saying we're going to be getting more restrictive."

It's been a week since the mandatory restrictions went into effect, but now the City and County might take restrictions a step further.

Officials have been meeting with a committee comprised of the medical community.

On Wednesday they all came to a general consensus that restrictions need to be tightened up.

"Be it very uncomfortable or detrimental to the economy and everything else, the prevention of loss of life is primordial," said Doctor Victor Trevino. "That's the main thing we need to think about. We see it in other states where multiple deaths occur in a period of days. We don't want to see this in Laredo."

Both Mayor Pete Saenz and Judge Tano Tijerina agree that these are the appropriate measures to take to ensure the community is safe.

Laredo City Manager Robert Eads explains that this will not affect essential needs.

"Things that have to do with food, shelter, and medical the necessities of life will continue. There's no need for people to run to stores. Grocery stores are exempt, gas stations, doctors offices, hardware stores, health related, all of that is exempt."

They are thinking of adding a curfew to put a stop to unnecessary travel in the city and county, but Eads stresses that there are exemptions.

"If you're providing or traveling to provide some of those necessary services, or an allowable reason to be out then obviously you're going to be exempt from that. What were trying to do is catch the other ones that are out there where they don't need to be."

The Shelter in Place is said to be similar to other cities in the state like San Antonio and Dallas.

As of right now the Shelter in Place mandate is not official.

City and county representatives are currently in a meeting deciding when it will be implemented and what changes they will make.

It was mentioned earlier that the Shelter in Place would go into effect Saturday at 12 a.m., that being Friday night.

During the meeting Eads says the curfew hours might be 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.