Cloudier, Shower Chances

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The desert airmass that has brought our area hot dry weather for most of the last 3 weeks is beginning to drift further away from our area to the north,and eventually to the Mid Mississippi Valley and even eastward from there. This will allow for a deeper layer of moist air with a disturbance near Nicaragua the move north and northwestward into Mexico and then into the gulf. The National Hurricane Center gives a low 20% chance of it developing into a tropical cyclone when it crosses from Mexico into the southern gulf during the weekend. We may have sufficient moisture available for isolated to scattered showers with the afternoon sea breeze beginning with Wednesday afternoon, and more widespread showers as the deeper layer of moisture from the disturbance near Nicaragua arrives, regardless if it develops into a tropical cyclone or not.

I'm expecting mostly clear tonight, low in the high 70's. Partly to mostly sunny with isolated to scattered showers with the afternoon sea breeze Wednesday through Saturday, high min the mid to high 90's. Partly to mostly cloudy with more widespread showers dotting our area Sunday through Tuesday, high in the mid 90's.