Cold Damp Weekend, Warmer Week.

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A thickening layer of moist air flowing above our cold polar air will begin to produce patches of light rain Saturday. Evaporation of some of the rain drops falling into the very dry air beneath the clouds will cool the air further with temperatures not far from 40 all day Saturday. Warmer air aloft will begin to erode the layer of cold air below slowly during Sunday with temperatures slowly rising into the 50's. The warmer air should arrive at the surface on Monday with highs reaching above 70. A weak upper level disturbance may produce enough lifting motion for a scattered shower Tuesday as the southern edge of a cooler airmass from the north edges into our area. A brief return of southerly winds will warm us on Thursday.

I'm expecting cloudy tonight, low in the low 40's. Periods of light showers Saturday into Sunday, temperatures close to 40 Saturday, the 50's Sunday afternoon. Mostly cloudy Monday, high in the 70's. Mostly cloudy Tuesday and Wednesday, a chance of a shower Tuesday, high in the 60's. Partly cloudy Thursday and Friday, high in the low 80's Thursday, the 70's Friday.