Cold wind starts to rise

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - After several days of warm and sunny conditions, we are finally going to be needing a jacket because it's going to be a little cooler.

On Tuesday morning we are going to start out in the high 60s but we will quickly start to drop and see lows in the 50s.

We will also have a 30 percent chance of rain throughout most of the morning, so you might want to take a jacket and umbrella.

As we head into the evening we are expecting temperatures to drop into the high 30s.

On Wednesday we are looking at highs in the 50s; then on Thursday we get back up to the 60s and by Friday it's back to those 70s.

Even though winter hasn't officially started we should start seeing cooler conditions but so far we'll take what we can get and be on our way.