Communicate to Alzheimer's Patients with Music

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TEXAS (KPRC) - Music is considered a universal language, and it's proving to be a form of communication for patients who have Alzheimer's Disease.

In sickness and in health, John and Judy have been married for 50 years. (Photo Courtesy: NBC)

In sickness and in health, John and Judy have been married for 50 years.

"She would do the same for me," John said.

What John does is dedicate his life to making sure Judy is not alone. He visits her several times a day and plays her music - trying to comfort her with familiarity - something Alzheimer's stole from them a long time ago.

"She remembers it, to what extent I don't know," John said.

Memory Care Director Mary Sparks says the part of your brain which remembers music is unaffected by the disease, and therefore they can keep patients engaged with songs.

"There are two things that are not affected by dementia. Music and our knowledge of God," Mary said.

"I mean, we remembered that song but I'm not sure if she was running around the house singing it when I was at work or anything," John said.

It's subtle - a smile, a look - but whatever Judy is remembering helps the man who loves her most to know she's still here.

"It'll bring this smile to her face. She could be sleeping, dozing in the chair, and when they put the earphones on her, you can see that she's starting to light up," John said.

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