Concerned citizens speak on proposed water increase

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Councilmembers heard from the public loud and clear on the proposed water and sewer rate increase.

The feedback was both positive and negative, which is putting council in a bit of a bind to figure out what to do.

According to utilities director Riazul Mia, 75 percent of residents will see a less than four dollar increase and the remaining percent will see a two dollar increase every year.

Concerned citizen Dolores Medrano says the rate she sees now is not favorable, so she can only imagine how an increase to water and sewer costs would affect not only her but other members of the community.

Medrano wasn't the only resident voicing concerns on the effects this will have on families, others came forward as well.

City officials say even though the first year the plan is implemented, residents will see a significant change on their bill, the second, third, and fourth year will be a bit less at two to five percent, with a sewer increase at two to six percent.

At the end of the discussion, the Council did vote to move forward with the proposed ordinance, so residents can soon expect to see a five percent increase on the water portion of the bill and a six percent increase on sewer services.

City Council is hoping to discuss more details about the issue during the next council meeting including the possibility of an impact fee, as well as taking apartment complexes that have a master meter off the increase list for commercial residents.