Conflicts erupt between migrant groups at Nuevo Laredo shelters

NUEVO LAREDO, TAMAULIPAS (KGNS) - A rise in conflicts between several migrant groups in Nuevo Laredo shelters has state officials stepping in.

The overpopulation of African, Cuban and Central American migrants at the shelters has created a hostile environment between the groups.

Now officials are giving migrants bracelets to track who is coming in and out of the shelters.

Also, state and city peace officers are at shelters helping keep order.

A confrontation between African immigrants and law enforcement erupted after the group claimed shelters were giving preference to Cuban migrants.

This along with other claims began on Tuesday when the African immigrants protested at Bridge 2 in front of the Mexican Customs office claiming Cuban migrants were getting help over them.

Nuevo Laredo officials say the new bracelet system has already caused a problem among the migrant groups.

Four people had to be detained by state officials.