Congressman Cuellar weighs in on War Powers Resolution

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Tensions in the Middle East are increasing tension in Washington DC as the house passes a resolution limiting the president's military action in Iran.

The War Powers Resolution was passed on a largely party line vote. Three republicans did vote for it and only eight house democrats voted against it.

Our local representative Congressman Henry Cuellar did vote in favor of the resolution.

According to Cuellar, Pentagon officials did brief members of Congress Wednesday on the intelligence that led to the air strike that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

After his death the resolution, which was introduced by house speaker Nancy Pelosi, seeks to limit the military action President Trump can take against Iran without discussing it with Congress first.

Cuellar says the constitution does state that only Congress can declare war unless there was an immediate threat.

"We have told the president that he needs to deescalate tensions in the Middle East because we need to prioritize the lives of American service members and avoid war. If there is an immediate threat, I can understand that."

The last time Congress passed a resolution checking the president's power to declare war without congressional approval was under the Bush administration's war authorization into the Iraq war.

The war powers resolution moves to the senate now, which is still waiting for the articles of impeachment.

Because it is a concurrent resolution, it does not have to go to the president's desk for his signature, which is leading republican lawmakers to say that the measure would be legally non-bonding.