SEE ALL Coronavirus (COVID-19) News Alerts for Laredo

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - For any information or concerns regarding the coronavirus COVID-19, you can contact the Local 24/7 hotline at 956-795-4954.

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With the coronavirus affecting many businesses and organizations across the globe, here's a list of stories of how it's affecting Laredo.

*The City of Laredo and Webb County have confirmed 135 positive cases of COVID-19 in our area. For more on the latest cases, click here

*The Laredo Police Department has identified its first confirmed case of COVID-19. Click here

To view the full statistics of COVID-19 cases in the City of Laredo, click here. here

*Starting on Monday, Laredo and United ISD will set up food distribution sites where students can pick up a free meal. Click here

*UISD officials have confirmed that the first positive Corona Virus case in Laredo is a 40 year old woman who works at Zaffirini Elementary School. Click here

Both UISD and LISD have decided to take preventative measures by extending its school closures. All classes will resume on Monday, April 27th. Click here

The City of Laredo is awaiting confirmation on a “presumptive” case of COVID-19. Currently, a total of six people remain under quarantine awaiting test results for the virus. Click here

*According to a statement from the City of Laredo, the test results for two patients who were recently tested for COVID-19 at Doctors Hospital have come back negative. Click here

*Commissioner's Court holds an emergency meeting where they are discussing how to keep our public safe. Click here here for more.

* UISD has sent a notice to parents of students at Colonel Santos Benavides that a student has been sent home after they self-reported a recent visit by a family member to a European country.

* As a result of the growing concerns regarding the virus, local colleges have decided to extend spring break for an additional week. Click here.

*UISD and LISD have not decided on whether or not their class schedule will be affected by the coronavirus concerns. At this time, they will leave for spring break and come back on March 23rd. Click here for more.

* Harmony Schools have also released a statement regarding the coronavirus. Officials say they will keep spring break as scheduled. To read the full statement Click here for more.

* Doctor's Hospital of Laredo has announced that they have tested two patients for novel coronavirus (COVID-19). City official says, "they are not considered a case or probable at this time." Click here for more.

*The City of Laredo says they are prepared to respond to any health hazard such as the COVID 19, in coordination with local, state and federal partners. Click here for more.

*Concerns regarding the coronavirus have altered school-related and sporting events here in the Gateway City.

*UISD was supposed to have its open house event which has been canceled. Here's a full link to the story. Click here.

*Although no cases have been reported in Laredo, United ISD is going to ask parents to fill out a survey regarding travel for spring break. Click here for more.

*The UISD Athletics Department has also suspended all of its non-essential travel games until further notice. Click here for the full story