County employees express fear of COVID-19 exposure

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Some employees at the County Road and Bridge Department are expressing their concerns over a recent decision to use staff from the department to disinfect the County Jail.

Several employees contacted the KGNS Newsroom expressing concerns about the sensitivity of the work.

They spoke to KGNS News but did not want to appear on camera out of fear of retaliation from county officials.

They told us their fear is that they could be exposed to the virus and take it home to family members.

To make matters worse they say they were not given adequate protective equipment to keep them safe while they did the cleanup.

However, County Judge Tano Tijerina says all precautions were taken.

"Right now we just asked them to go clean, and this is the first time that I hear they are having an uproar and its really sad that some of these employees are going this route. Right now, our priority is to control the virus, especially at the jail, and we're doing it for the greater good of all."

Tijerina adds that during an emergency, Road and Bridge staff could be called on to do other duties, which is what happened in this case.