County residents remember loved ones lost by acts of violence

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Many families in Webb County came together to honor and remember those who have been a victim of violent crimes.

In honor of National Crime Victims Week, the Webb County Sheriff’s held a candlelight vigil at Lake Casa Blanca for those victims as well as the family members who have been affected by an act of violence.

Most of the relatives who are still dealing with the loss of their loved ones, always remember the impact they had on their lives.

Relatives like Gustavo Rodriguez attended the event to honor his late son George Rodriguez and his girlfriend Alondra whose lives were taken away back in 2016.

Rodriguez says he hasn’t forgotten about his son, and he still misses his laughter and companionship.

Others in attendance came to remember friends who still live on in their hearts.

Adriana Salazar, who knew Rolando Ramos, who was killed last year says he is always on her mind but she knows he is in Heaven watching over her.

Salazar says not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about him and every day she prays for him.

Aside from the lighting of the candles, there was also a moment of silence for those who were not present or did not have family members at the event.

The sheriff’s office has held this event for over 10 years.