County schedules date to takeover fairgrounds

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Last year Webb County voted to revoke its license agreement with the Laredo International Fair and Exposition Board, making way for the county to hold the reins of the property.

During Monday’s meeting, Commissioners voted on the day when they will begin to take over.

Commissioners decided that starting March 15th, Webb County will gain full control of the management and oversight of the fairgrounds.

This means the county will handle the fairgrounds expenses.

LIFE’s future involvement with the fairgrounds is something that will be negotiated.

LIFE Board President Joe Villarreal says one of the concerns they will bring up during those negotiations is staff.

Villarreal says the future of the employees is up in the air right now until they can get something set in stone.

Despite what the future may hold for both entities, they say they are excited for what’s on the horizon.

According to the LIFE Board, expenses such as water and light cost up to $5,000 a month.

The county will also be looking for a project manager that will work to book large event s at their future venue.