Credit expert offers tips on how to use your refund wisely

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - With Tax Day in full swing, many last minute tax filers may be wondering what to do with their refund check.

Sometimes it can be very tempting to go out and want to treat yourself with that extra income: however, money experts suggest it may be wise to pay off what you owe before hitting the stores.

Local credit expert Noe Garcia says some of the best ways we can manage our credit by using our cards less and paying off what we owe.
Garcia says, if you have credit card debt, it’s good to bring it down to 30 or 50 percent.

It’s also important to wait at least 10 days before making another payment. This will help build your credit, as well as your credit score.
One way we can use our credit cards less is by having savings where we only take out money for big purchases, or in the event that something serious happens.

Many often times, people get injured or have an illness in the family and it can be hard to pay those off even with insurance.

Experts also suggest to have a good life insurance plan in the event that something happens, you can always make sure your family is well taken care of.

If you would like more information on how to manage your credit you can contact South Texas Credit advisors at 956-242-7466.