Crime Stoppers Most Wanted man captured by police

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A man linked to several thefts who was featured as Laredo Crime Stoppers’ Most Wanted is captured.

51-year-old Ramon Martinez

The Laredo Police Department's Auto Theft Task Force arrested 51-year-old Ramon Martinez for multiple car burglaries that date back to 2018.

According to law enforcement, the cases involved several break-ins that were reported at local hotels along San Bernardo and Santa Ursula Avenue.

Police say Martinez would allegedly break into trucks and steal items such as electronics and GPS systems.

Investigators presented the case to the Webb County District Attorney’s Office who were able to determine they had sufficient evidence to approve four arrest warrants.

On August 13th, Laredo Police received information regarding Martinez’s whereabouts and were able to detain him and charge him with burglary of a vehicle.

He was taken to the Webb County Jail on a $58,000 bond set by Judge H. Liendo.